Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some Recent Posters

I'm finally updating my long neglected blog! Here are some recent posters from the last few weeks:

El Radio Fantastique is a fun band with a fantastic visual style, so I was pleased that they asked me to do a poster for their new show. Tom Erikson and I drove up to Point Reyes to see it, and while Tom found it dull, I rather liked it. I'll be dragging people to see the San Francisco premier when it comes out.

Rupa of Rupa and the April Fishes also asked for a poster recently. She needed a fast turn-around, and wanted to know if we could do something with fishes and a boat. Surprisingly enough, I had this design just laying around -- the Newport Folk fest had looked at it and chosen a different design, so all I had to do was make a Rupa-like character and add the color. Voila! Instant poster.

Here's the original sketch:

And here's the design they chose, which we used for shirts rather than a poster in the end, in two different versions. I've been very happily wearing the shirts.

Another recent job is the Winterfest poster for the SFBC -- though I discovered after inking the name that it is actually "Bicycle Coalition," not "Bike Coaltion." Lots of fun doing this one, which is very much like a happier version of my "Truthcycle" painting that appeared in the show Mati and I did in July. Hopefully there will be limited-edition silksreened version of this, as well as a mass-produced offset version.

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imwithsully said...

Saw your ad in the Directory of Illustration and wanted to come by and see more works. Very nice portfolio site. And recognized the CA cover. Congratulations! Must have been quite awesome.